Group property editor

Open Game Maker 2D, Version 1.0.1

In OGE/OGM, a sprite group could be a UI container or a sprite generator.

You may open a group property dialog by double clicking a group's name in the resource list.

And then you will get a dialog like this:


Let's see the details about the fields in the dialog.

1. Group Name
Name of the group.

2. Sprite Resource
Here we can set a source where the group can get the sprites.
And we should select one of the following 3 choices:

3. Root Sprite
If the group is a UI container, the Sprite Resource should be "Single".
And you should select a window sprite as the biggest container(the root).
That window sprite may have many children which combining a complex UI.
If the group is NOT a UI container, you should let this field blank.

4. From Scene
Point out that the group will copy the sprites from which scene.

5. Auto Generate
If the group is a sprite generator, you may click this check box and select the sprite you want to generate.

6. Copy Count
Fill this field to tell OGE/OGM how many copies you want to generate with the group.