Open Game Maker 2D Tutorial - Lesson 1

In lesson one, I will show you how to create a game very quickly with OGM2D (actually, it is the "quick start" in the manual).

Step 1 - New a game

First, open OGM2D and run the "Create a new game" function by clicking the toolbar button "New game"

In the first screen, you have to input a name for the game and select the project's directory.
After finish them, please click "Next" button to jump to the second screen.

In the second screen, you are allowed to set game title (title of the main window) and the name of the first scene in the game.
(A game must have at least one scene.) And also you may set the game's vedio and audio parameters in this screen.

Click "Finish" button when you finish all, and then OGM will create the new game and open it (with its first scene) in the IDE.
Once a game is created, you may edit its details by double clicking its name in the resource list.


Step 2 - New a sprite and add it to the first scene

Select the sprite page in the resource list, and click the resource list's toolbar button "Add" to add a new sprite

In the pop-up screen, we just need to input the name of the new sprite:

After input the sprite name, we may click "OK" button to create the sprite.

Drag a sprite from the resource list and drop it onto the scene designer.
And input a new name for the sprite object in the scene, and press "OK" button

Final screen:
Step 3 - Add event to the sprite in the scene
Double clicking the event property (OnDraw) like this
And then OGM will add the event function automatically:
And we may edit the event function like this:
Step 4 - Build and run the game
Before run a game, normally we should check and build it first:
If all is fine, we may get this output message:
And then we may start to run the game:
Finally we will get our first "Hello World" game: