Open Game Maker 2D Tutorial - Lesson 2

Lesson 2 is a very important lesson for guys to understand OGM2D. 
It will show you how to use sprite components and the sprite component concept is the core of OGE/OGM.
Step 1 - Create a new empty game
Please follow Step 1 in Lesson 1 to create a new empty game.
Step 2 - Import game resource of STG sample

Please first download the sample resource from the following link:


Click the "import" button (on the toolbar of the resource list) to start to import the game resource.

Select "" to import.

Wait till it's done.

Step 3 - Add map to the scene
Active the game map resource list.
Drag and drop the "FightMap" map onto "MyScene".
Step 4 - Add sprites to the scene

Active the sprite resource list.

Drag and drop the "SceneAction" sprite onto "MyScene", and name it as "SceneAction1".

Continue to drag and drop the "Player" sprite onto "MyScene", and name it as "Player1".

Continue to drag and drop the "Enemy" sprite onto "MyScene", and name it as "Enemy1"

Step 5 - Try to run the STG sample scene
Click "Run scene" button on the toolbar.
Then you would see the scene will be executed.
You can use keyboard to control the player. The arrow keys control the movement and the Left Control Key is for shooting.
Step 6 - Add more enemy sprites to the scene
Please first close the running scene, we should continue with our lesson :)
Refer to Step 4, let's add 7 more enemy sprites onto the scene.
And their names should be "Enemy2", "Enemy3", "Enemy4", "Enemy5","Enemy6", "Enemy7", "Enemy8".
Step 7 - Make some changes to the enemy sprites
In this lesson, let's just focus on the following custom properties first: BulletStyle, EnterTime and MovePath .
Here are these three properties' meanings:
BulletStyle - How to fire ("-1" means no fire, so you may try with 0 or 1 if you want the enemy to fire)
EnterTime - When to appear ("2" means "when the scene's elapsed time is 2 seconds" )
MovePath - How to move (you can find the path objects in path resource list)
Let's make some changes to the enemy sprites according to the table below:
Sprite NameBulletStyleEnterTimeMovePath
And then let's run the scene again to see what will happen :)
Step 8 - Try to change the image and sound bound to the sprites
If you don't like the player's shooting sound, you may change it. (you can find the sounds in media resource list)
If you want to change some enemy's image, you can do it by setting a new image name to "AltImage" property.
But please note that the alternate image must have the same format with the sprite's animation's image.
Okay, now let's see the final result screen of today's lesson:
Press the "Run scene" button and have fun :)